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About Us We are a sexy dominant couple (willing to switch but only for the right price), and we want to make your fantasy come true no matter what it is.We believe all people deserve sexual pleasure; we believe all people NEED sexual pleasure. And weve been told were pretty damn good at providing it. We want to satisfy you beyond your wildest expectations. We want to give genuine men, women, and couples an experience they have only dreamed of. About Me I am a gentle femdom who loves 💄sissification, 💃teasing, 🍆pegging, 👶mommy/little play, 💥flogging, 🖤cuckold, 🔒restraint, and 👌prostate massage.Im an intelligent and professional woman.Do I need the money? Yes. But more than that... I crave the experience. I was raised in an oppressive household, shamed for masturbating and loving porn. I lost my virginity on my wedding night. I always wanted to be a sexy kinkster, but I just never viewed myself that way. In the past few years, Ive been making up for a young adulthood without fun, and I discovered that my porn obsession has served me well. Ive learned to read peoples sexual desires, to please men and women beyond their wildest dreams. This year, Ive been exploring my sexuality even more (mostly with women because I LOVE titties!), and Ive learned that Im a lot sexier than I realized.Ive also learned a lot about people. Most people want to be hurt; they want to be controlled; they want to be dominated. And when someone does it well, it takes us to a state of complete euphoria where none of our problems exist anymore. Sub space is real, and I have experienced it on an almost-daily basis with my husband. Now, I want to give you that same experience - by giving you the domination that your mind, heart, and throbbing dick desire. About Him Hes an experienced Dom who will literally blow your mind with his verbal humiliation and physical restraint. I love watching him hold someone down... Mmmmm... He would love to be anything and everything you need him to be. He is well-educated, well-spoken, and well-traveled. He feels comfortable any almost any situation that presents itself. Whether you are seeking a funny, sweet, submissive boy or an aggressively dominant and controlling man, he has it all. Things We Enjoy Sugar Baby- Shower us with gifts and help us live the lifestyle we deserve. Well be forever grateful to you for your help and support. Hopefully you can tell, but we really are trying to make the world a better place and help people who need affirmation. Your support will help give us the freedom to spend more time (and focus) on that project. Of course, good boys are rewarded. Prostate Massage- Not gonna lie, its kind of my specialty... Pegging- You really think you can handle it? lol Id love to make you my bitch - or if you prefer, I can peg you gently and make love to you. Face Fucking -Hes really good at it its my favorite thing he does to me. Sounding- I had never done this until recently, but it turns out Im pretty good at it... so its getting added to the list. Women and Couples- Yes, please! Seriously, we love women. If you want to surprise your woman with a lesbian experience or surprise your man with the threesome hes always craved, let me be your unicorn or us come and play with one or both of you. Single women? We know how to please you. ;) Intelligent Conversation- Not gonna lie, were pretty smart. Let us help you with your problems. We could probably offer you excellent business and relationship advice. Maybe not what you were expecting to find here, but we can combine it with other things... Blowjobs- Love them, and apparently I should teach classes. Domination So many flavors of domination to choose from - gentle dom where I or we blindfold you, tie you up, and worship your body however we choose. Or do you crave a humiliatrix who will treat you like a disgusting pig, tease you to the edge and ruin your climax? Maybe you want to be tied up and forced to watch us please ourselves, each other, or another man or woman. Some of the domination services we enjoy are: Flogging -We made our own leather flogger from Italian leather, and we can be gentle or hard, depending on what you crave. Sissification- Awww.... you wish you could be a girl? Let us make you feel beautiful!We love sissy boys and would love to dress you up. I even offer shopping services if you want to meet us at the store and have me pick out your girly clothes. Financial Domination-We love financial domination. You Send us money right now or we will stop caring for you. If you cant buy our love and affirmation, then you dont deserve it. Feed the meter, and you will be rewarded but as soon as you stop or disobey, you will lose us. Consensual Blackmail- If youve ever dreamed of being exposed or having to do dirty things so you arent exposed, we will rock your world. This is a very hardcore offering so be sure you understand what you are asking for before you ask for it. If youre just curious, this isnt for you. Mommy Domme / Daddy Domme -We are experienced Mommy/Daddy doms very into ageplay if thats your thing. Nothing makes us happier than helping sweet littles feel loved and appreciated! We can be bad Mommy and Daddy too though if thats what you really crave. So much more We love making fantasies become a reality. Let us make your dreams come true. Just be sure to make it worth our time. FAQ What if I want to dominate one of you rather than having you dominate me? We can be a lot of different things. We are both natural switch which means I can be dominant or submissive. The truth is that Im really picky about who I submit to, so I would prefer to be more dominant in my interactions; however I can be gentle as well. Do you use safe words? Yes though one has never been spoken in four years. We respect your hard limits but push your boundaries; youll be fantasizing about this experience forever. Do you guys ever play individually? Yes. We play individually, but I only play with him in the room because you pathetic pigs cant be trusted. Do you play with women and/or couples? Yes. We play with couples and women. We both LOVE pussy. Actually, bring your wife and well probably give you a discount... ;) Maybe well tie you up and dominate you while we please her like you never could... What if my fantasy isnt on the list? There are a billion fantasies out there and yours is unique to you. Our goal is always to connect people with themselves and each other. Interested in something specific? We love fulfilling fantasies, and just about anything is on the table as long as its worth our time. Send an email or call us. No time wasters If youre just sitting there masturbating, dont be a pathetic loser and call me to breathe into the phone. Serious inquiries only. Phone sex is available if you want it, but youll need to pay for it because I dont get off on you wanking your sad little dick while you set up a meeting. Act like a grown man long enough to get the experience you REALLY want. Its available if you have the balls to ask for it. Call or Text (812) 578-7114
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